3 beautiful books for Mother’s Day – and beyond

My husband knows me well enough to know that I love books more than almost anything so present buying for me is pretty easy (I’ve also left Ashling’s last minute gift-guide open on my laptop all week as a ‘subtle’ hint for other lovely things!) Beautiful coffee table and recipe books are what I buy the least and appreciate the most. Here are 3 that I think any woman would love – Mother’s day or not!

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes £26 – BUY!

This ‘beauty mix tape’ of a tome by journalist and Broadcaster Sali Hughes’ takes us on a journey through time. Each product – lovingly curated and beautifully photographed – is accompanied by her sometimes funny, sometimes emotional and always evocative essays. Each one has been picked because Sali considers it to be a beauty icon of our age: whether that product changed beauty history, has nostalgic memories for her, or will be beauty beacons of the future. Run a bath, pick up this book and indulge in the perfect pampering moment this Mother’s day.

Manhattan’s Babe by Frederic Beigbeder £28 – BUY!

This glossy, glamorous book is a literary hybrid. Published by Assouline it’s part memoir, part biography, part fiction literary criticism and beautifully illustrated novel. It tells the true story of J.D Salinger’s love affair with Manhattan socialite Oona O’Neill, (daughter of great American Playwright, Eugene O’Neill) and imagines what might have happened if they were to meet in the future.  Set in the summer of 1941 and featuring famous film/literary/art protagonists against a backdrop of World War, Hollywood and the New York literary scene this stylish, indulgent book is perfect for anyone who wants an insight into the charmed, complicated lives of Great American cultural icons. It’s available from the beautiful Maison Assouline store in London.

From Mother to Mother: Recipes from a family kitchen by Lisa Faulkner £20 – BUY!

I have to admit, I’m not keen on getting recipe books as a ‘present’; I always think it’s meant as a sign that I either need to cook more – or cook better! But Lisa’s books are different. Her first book has been a stalwart on my kitchen bookshelf since it came out 5 years ago, so I’m excited to discover new recipes from her. Split simply into user-friendly sections (poultry, meat, fish, veggies and sweet) her recipes are a love letter as much to the mother she lost when she was 16, as the adopted daughter she fought so hard to have after enduring years of IVF disappointments. And we all know that when things are made with love, they always taste better.

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