3 easy cute and creepy cupcakes to make this Halloween


A kids’ party table isn’t complete without a plate of cupcakes and Halloween is no exception. Here are 3 chocolate cupcake creations perfect for a Halloween party.

First make a batch of chocolate cupcakes. I use a recipe from Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery . (They made my delicious wedding cupcakes ten years ago!)

1. for toddlers: chocolate owl cupcakes

halloween cupcakesI’ve made these Chocolate Owl cupcakes every year since my kids were babies and they always go down a (trick or) treat.

To decorate:

     chocolate buttercream icing
     2 packs of Oreo biscuits
     3 X tubes of Smarties

  1. Put the icing into a piping bag and attach a small nozzle. Pipe icing spikes/peaks all over the cupcake for the Owl’s feathers.
  2. Next, separate your Oreos by putting each one in the microwave for approx 8-10 seconds. Any less and they won’t separate, any more and they’ll melt. Get an extra pack cover breakages/melt-ages/eat-ages! Once you have enough iced Oreo halves, place two on each cupcake. Add brown smarties for pupils.
  3. Take the non-iced halves and cut them in half to make owl ears. Place above the eyes and pipe chocolate icing over them.
  4. Add yellow smarties for the beaks.

2. for bigger kids: chocolate werewolf cupcakes

How-l you make them

To decorate:

     chocolate buttercream icing
     vanilla buttercream icing
     Bag of large marshmallows
     Large bag of M&Ms

  1. To make the ears lie marshmallows on their side and cut off each corner. Stick on cupcake using chocolate icing.
  2. For the mouth cut a V shaped notch at the top of each marshmallow and stick on with frosting.
  3. Cut your fruit strip to fit the mouth. Stick on with vanilla frosting.
  4. Get an icing bag and cut a small (1/8 inch) ‘M’ cut in the bottom by cutting two V’s.  Pipe lines of chocolate icing until the ears are covered.
  5. For the fur, pipe peaks in concentric circles.
  6. Pipe fangs using a small nozzle around the edge of the fruit strip and vanilla icing
  7. Add red, yellow or green M&M’s for the eyes and a brown for the snout.

3. for all kids: chocolate creepy crawly cakes

creepy-cupcakesMaking these bug cupcakes with your kids is the perfect half term Halloween activity

To decorate

    vanilla buttercream icing
     Mixture of chocolate M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms and Smarties
     Black writing icing

  1. Ice cupcakes with vanilla frosting.
  2. Arrange sweets to make different insect bodies and heads
  3. Use the writing icing to add legs and antennae to the candy bodies.






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