3 hot products that will transform your make-up routine FOREVER

For me, the more efficiently I can apply my makeup, the more foolproof the result, the better. Because no matter how hard I strive for me-time, my hectic routine inevitably leaves me mere minutes to nail my ‘face’. Sound familiar? It’s a constant struggle that has resulted in a plethora of make-up mishaps.

Until, that is, I discovered this trio of clever beauties. In one fell swoop I seriously upped my five minute make-up game – with products that are clever, practical and easy to get to grips with (literally).

Granted, they’re not particularly pretty, but they are innovative and super simple to use. Turning traditional application methods on their head, these products represent the new generation of precision make-up for the average woman and this is why I LOVE them. They have genuinely transformed my make-up routine – I dare you to give them the chance to change yours.

3 hot products that will transform your make-up routine forever

1. the all-angles eyeliner

Lancôme Grandiose Bendable Eyeliner, £20.70 – BUY!

Uneven eyeliner every time? This bendable wand pivots on its own axis to enable easy reach & super smooth application for both eyes. Say goodbye to that awkward reverse-handed mirror stance – this liquid liner does all the hard work for you.

2. the foolproof base applicator

MakeupDrop Silicone Makeup Applicator, £14 – BUY!

Cheaper than most makeup brushes and indisputably more hygienic, the MakeupDrop is blazing a trail, leaving Beauty Blender sponges firmly in its wake. Designed to apply & seamlessly blend your base makeup (primer, foundation, highlighter, you name it), the silicone pad absorbs not one drop of product and is washed & wiped clean with water ready for reuse. No waste, no fuss. Genius.

3. the custom-curve mascara

M.A.C Instacurl Lash Mascara, £19.50 – BUY!

This mascara is the key to a truly bespoke lash look. Awesome formula aside, it’s the wand that really steps this up from the millions of other mascaras out there. With one twist of the lid the brush transforms from straight to varying degrees of curve, allowing a customisable fit to any eye shape or lash type. The more I play, the more impressive results I get – I’d even go as far as to say this could be my mascara for life.

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