3 minute masterclass: Abigail James, International Facialist

It’s fair to say that what Abigail James doesn’t know about skincare isn’t worth knowing. As an international facialist and wellbeing expert, Abigail herself literally exudes radiance – the minute I met her, I wanted her skin. Not literally understand, but WOW – she just looks so fabulously glowy.

Famous for her healing hands and ‘whole health’ ethos – an approach to skincare that harmoniously blends nature with science & technology – Abigail’s methods have proven so popular that she has just published her first book “Love Your Skin“. Believe me when I say you should buy this book. Pitched as ‘the ultimate guide to a glowing complexion’, what it actually does is make you think far more deeply about your self by gently working through steps to address your personal skincare issues. I’m hooked.

Fancy a taster? I asked the lady herself for a masterclass in tackling the visible signs of ageing and this is what she said…

Abigail James’ 3 golden rules for keeping skin ageing in check

1. Cleanse-tone-moisturise is not enough

Think about the food you eat and apply the same rules to your skincare – to get the best results you need different ingredients. With your diet: avoid sugars, too much salt and remember dairy & wheat are not generally skin friends. Pack in lots of greens, omega oils, vitamin and mineral rich foods. With your skincare: think A to Z – Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K and M for magnesium, O for Omegas and Z for zinc – they are your must-haves!

2. SPF on the face daily all year round – actually DO it!

The UVA rays which age you are around all year round. You may feel like you are getting away with it but that sun exposure WILL show up on your face in your late 30’s onwards. Go for lightweight SPF50: RMK and Murad have amazing ‘invisible’ formulae that actually have a primer type effect on the skin – added bonus!

3. Start facials NOW

Nothing too techy is necessary but supporting the skin with massage, masks, LED light, gentle peels, even micro-current will be your skin gravity lifesaver. By your mid 30s you should really be having a regular 6-8 weekly facial treatment. I recommend starting with one of my Hero Facials or a Hero Lift, or switching it up between the two for an added boost.

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