3 rain coats you need NOW!

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Right as rain… #fashiongetsreal

A few weeks ago I wrote about easing into summer style; well, I may have been a tad premature. Last night we woke to thunder storms and a power cut. Today our local station was flooded, trains were cancelled and traffic lights down. I don’t want to get all end-of-worldy on you, but what the hell is going on?!

As I tottered down to the polling station, clearly contemplating the huge impact today’s vote will have on our country, I got caught in yet another downpour. This time, unlike many freak weather incidents before, I was prepared (practicalities aren’t my strong point): me in my ASOS rain mac and miss B under her monkey umbrella.

With my vote now simmering in the ballot box, I reckon I could do my next great service to the country. Oh yes, you will thank me.

Rain coats. Folks, we are going to need ’em. And, as previously stated, I am no authority on the ‘proper’ stuff (aka the clobber Bear Grylls would wear in a monsoon), but I can tell you where to find a pretty coat that just happens to be waterproof. Job Done. Here are my picks to get you through our British, um… summer???

3 rain coats you won’t regret buying (because you might get wet if you don’t)


Joules Coast waterproof jacket, £79.95

2.Petit Bateau red anorak

Petit Bateau red anorak, £132

3.Urban Renewal anorak

Urban Outfitters anorak, £39


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