3 shop drop: cool Valentine’s cards you can’t find in the shops

Does anyone else feel their heart sink when you go into a shop to try and find an original funny/sexy/cool card for your significant other and come across a wall of cliches? And it’s never harder than at this time of year. You see, long-term couples have a particular brand of comfort/humour/healthy disdain for each other that card retailer’s don’t always seem to grasp. The cheesy ‘I love you to the moon and back’s’ just ain’t going cutting it at our age, sorry Clintons.

These days our card requirements are: loving but not needy, personal but not twee, funny not rude (actually scrap that we want rude, just not offensive). We want sexy but not desperate and honest but not depressingly so. Mostly we want a card that makes our other half laugh. And then (if we’re in the mood) have sex with us… but only after they’ve delivered a decent present, cooked dinner, made the packed lunches for morning and put the kids to bed. Oh and watched a movie with us that has Ryan Gosling dancing in. Simple, right?

Luckily independent online card designers/retailers are delivering on the funny/honest/real front and we’ve chosen our favourite 3. So what are you waiting for – get organised, click here and have that perfectly romantically-unromantic Valentine’s card delivered direct to your door!

1. Bonnie Doman 

Roses are Red postcard, £3.50 – BUY!

Stare at Phones, £3.50 – BUY!

There’s no one I’d rather postcard, £3.50 – BUY!

2. not on the high street


I Want You card by Paper Plane, £2.75 -BUY!

I Love You More Than card by Letterfest, £3.50 – BUY!

Hungry card by Doodlelove, £3.50 – BUY!

3. Kay Barker

Small batch gin card, £3 – BUY!

Hipster coffee lover card, £3 – BUY!

Fiery Wasabi card, £3 – BUY!

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