3 shop drop: jungle glam

What’s your favourite piece in your home? A neon sign? A letterboard? A kooky lamp? Fairylights? Vintage fairground sign? Gone are our childhood homes that had ‘tasteful’ 80s beige and peach palettes (thank God) and matching 3 piece suites (remember them?) It seems that increasingly, we have a more frivolous approach to furnishings. As the world becomes a more terrifying and precarious place, the focus is on making statements in our home that bring the world to our door – without us having to venture from it. And, most importantly of all, reminds us that although we may have to be grown-up and serious sometimes, our homes don’t have to be.

Which is why I believe the safari/rainforest/jungle trend has stuck around for another season. Interior collections are full of leaf prints, tropical birds and lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) motifs – not to mention monkeys (there are a LOT of monkeys). Oh and carved wood furniture and bamboo has made a comeback too – inspired, in part, by this season’s strong 70s trend. So if you want to add some ‘make you smile style’, how about ‘tszujing’ with some jungle style from this 3 shop edit?

1. anthropologie

Ever since it was launched by US based Urban Outfitters back in the early 90s, Anthropologie has become synonymous with (somewhat expensive) sophisticated, contemporary, sensory style. It veers towards an eclectic feel and the stores themselves create a fantastical universe for shoppers to lose themselves in. So, it makes sense they have embraced the bright, tactile artisanal style of this jungle trend so spectacularly with beautiful crafted tropical prints and natural wall hangings.

Canopy Creature Wallpaper, £98 – BUY!

Treescape Dorrance Chair, £798 – BUY!

Woven confetti wall art, £178 – BUY!

2. west elm

‘Tasteful, with a humorous twist’ seems to sum up West Elm’s approach to the jungle trend. I love how this high street store puts its focus on the handcrafted and sustainable – but in a chic, contemporary style.

Crewel Dotted Leaf Cushion Cover, £9.95 – BUY!

Dapper animal plates jaguar, £10 – BUY!


Carved wood coffee table, £299 – BUY!

3. john lewis

Stalwart of the high street, John Lewis home collections have gone from strength to strength making this THE department store to visit. They’ve even launched a new apartment in 3 stores (including Cambridge, where I live!) as well as online. Called The Residence, it features exclusive home collections and collaborations that can be experienced in the setting of their beautifully designed apartment.


Kas Carrera duvet set, £110 to £140 – BUY!


Fusion antique brass Giraffe ornament, £35 – BUY!


Monserrat Leaf Gold table lamp, £95 – BUY!







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