3 shop drop: kidswear we’re coveting

The odd spot of retail therapy can sometimes leave us under a cloud of guilt. No so with this list of goodies; you’ve got to keep the wee’uns warm, right? So free yourself from any lurking bad feelings and go treat your kiddos… (and add a little something for yourself – you deserve it!)


Not only does this unisex collection look SUPER cool, it also comes with a heartrending story that’ll touch even the coldest of souls.

Last year the creator, Jo Tutchener-Sharp, suffered a brain haemorrhage. Leaving her two sons for a lengthy period to undergo life-threatening surgery was a dark time. No matter what the reason, work, hospital or even holiday, every parent feels the pain of being separated from their child.

Since surviving this, Jo has been inspired to create a brilliant brand with an ethos to help children feel more secure during difficult times. Each piece has a super power button and the slogan? ‘A superhero has my back’.

Reading about Jo’s story genuinely brought me to tears. I too had to leave my eldest at home while watching my youngest fight for her life following her premature birth. What I would have given for a superpowered sweater! The best part? Jo’s made tops for the adults, too. I, of course, have bought one!


Scamp & Dude chilled fit sweatshirt, £34BUY!

Scamp & Dude super soft sweatshirt, £36


Scamp & Dude cool kid sweatshirt, £34BUY!

2. Mango Kids

‘I didn’t realise Mango had a kids’ section!’ is a comment I hear a lot. Well, they do! And man, is it a good collection. The boys’ stuff is stylish yet still easy; the girls’ range is pretty but cool and the baby pieces are scrumptious.


Mango Kids long printed jumpsuit, £22.99BUY!



Mango Kids printed denim shirt, £19.99BUY!


Mango Baby medium denim dungarees, £19.99BUY!

3. Gap Kids

An oldie but a goodie. The store delivers on its classics, yes, but you can also find some real treasures. I’m obsessed with the star print jeans (not going to lie, I want them in big sizes). And with Christmas round the corner, it’s also my go-to for the kids’ festive jammies.


Gap Kids Birdseye print shawl sweater, £27.95 – BUY!


Gap Kids 1969 star print girlfriend ankle jeans, £24.95BUY!


Gap Kids Intarsia deer sweater dress, £22.95BUY!

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