3 sun screens for the ultimate tan


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OK people, listen up. Holidays aren’t just about the adventure, the relaxation and the most happening beach bar. They are also about feeling your best and coming home rejuvenated; ready to take on the world. Right?

One factor that seems to underpin this transformation is the tan. Goodbye stressed out pasty me: hola unrecognisably chilled, sun-kissed goddess. In my experience, the holiday after-glow lasts literally as long as my tan, so achieving an all-over golden aura has become a personal challenge.

First rule of tanning: DON’T BURN. Ever. Not only does it make you incredibly uncomfortable, it wrecks your skin and – contrary to the myth – redness won’t ‘go brown’. If anything burning encourages your skin to repair itself, speeding up cell turnover and thus wiping out any colour you had in the first place.

Second rule of tanning: SEEK OUT SHADE. For all you disbelievers out there, I can personally confirm you DO tan in the shade. I’m not suggesting you want to spend your entire time huddled under an umbrella, but give your skin a rest from direct sun. Your British complexion (no matter what colour you are) is not prepared for 8 hours of baking. Take it easy.

Third rule of tanning: HIGH FACTOR SUNCARE IS YOUR HERO. Don’t be sucked in by SPF6. I’m honestly baffled that such a product even exists. The higher factor you use, the more protected your skin will be and the less likely you are to burn. The more gradually you tan, the deeper you will tan, the more even it will be and the longer it will last. F.A.C.T.

3 best suncare products worth their weight in luggage allowance

1. Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Body Lotion Strong Sun (£42.50 for 150ml)

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Body Lotion Strong Sun
A GENIUS product that stimulates the production and distribution of melanin which results a faster, longer lasting tan. The Adaptasun range shuns the SPF rating and instead lets you choose the product by your skin type and the strength of sun you wish to protect from.

2. Rituals Sun Protection Milky Spray SPF30 (£18 for 200ml)

Rituals Sun Protection Milky Spray SPF30 I LOVE this product. Super handy aerosol application ensuring speedy and even coverage plus a divine cooling sensation. Smells delicious and has truly stood up to some serious heat and protected my skin perfectly.

3. Shiseido Wet Force Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF50 (£32 for 100ml)

Shiseido Wet Force Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF50


I believe in a separate sunscreen for the face and this one really is a cut above the rest. Super high factor and bonds with water and perspiration to form a water-repellant layer to make UV protection even stronger. EPIC.

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