3 ways to transform your bath into an indulgent spa

Getting clean is a necessity, but getting to grips with a brand new beauty regimen isn’t. Who has the time for that? However I’ve made a discovery: combine the two and you’ve got a fool-proof formula. Upscale your 5 minute shower by trading off the chance to try out those indulgent beauty products that never see the light of day. Sod waiting for a special moment – make today your spa zen. As let’s face it, the chances of making it to a real spa this side of Christmas are pretty much zero.

So ladies, let’s reclaim your bathrooms. Negotiate a forty-five minute window, barricade the door, run a bath (yes, a bath) and soak like your life depends on it whilst indulging in some rather decadent beauty rituals. It’s multi-tasking at its best and I promise you’ll thank me 😉

3 steps to transforming bathtime into spa time

1. set the scene

Take 10 minutes to prepare your oasis of calm. A tidy bathroom devoid of yesterdays laundry always helps but so does simple mood-lighting, music & fragrance. Plus of course a chic snuggly towel warming on the radiator.

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2. get body beautiful

A relaxing soak can also be a reassuringly effective stand-in for those vigorous body treatments at the spa. Detox wrap? Try out the BOD Mermaid Bath to beat the bloat in twenty minutes. Body scrub? Give the Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish a whirl. Drainage massage? Don’t be put off by the look of Sarah Chapman’s Body Lift gadget – simply work the tool around your thighs and upper arms for an instant toxin release.

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3. face time

The great thing about a bath is that you can give your face the TLC. it needs without overhead interference. Forget cucumber slices, this is the moment to bust open that luxe face mask, or dabble with wonder products you simply weren’t familiar with (until now!). Like the Lixir Electrogel Cleanser – which contains a small negative charge to attract and eliminate positively charged toxins. Or the Mieux Derma Grain & Grit which combines finely crushed limestone & hints of peppermint for a truly unbelievable skin finish. As for the Skyn Iceland Rubberizing Mask – you’ll just have to trust me 😉

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