the beauty saviours you need in your office drawer NOW

We all need a stash of beauty kit in our office drawers for those ‘caught short’ moments – or for a little distraction when the job at hand gets a bit dull 😉 As a beauty PR, I’ve honed my artillery down to 9 key products that get me through the day whilst also fitting neatly in my desk…

P.s. Big thanks to Myla & Oscar for these awesome custom made letter blocks 🙂

1. revive

Leighton Denny Light & Dark Original ‘Touch Up’ Solid Perfume, £14.50 – BUY!

Fragrance touch-ups throughout the day are essential, but I struggle with clunky bottles – too inconvenient. A solid perfume is the answer and the mix of fruit, pepper and incense in this wear down well.

Sond Hydrating Face Spray, £24 – BUY!

Office heating system drying skin out? A quick spritz of this facial spray will perk it back up in a flash. Suitable for all skin types, it’s light, fresh and soothing.

H&M Conscious Dry Shampoo, £7.99 – BUY!

As well as being better for the environment than an aerosol, this powder format dry shampoo has a peppermint fragrance that smells utterly divine and gives the scalp a bonus reviving zing whilst mattifying hair.

2. makeup

Ainsel London Lipstick in Plissé, £21 – BUY!

Every girl needs a bright lipstick on hand for those step up moments and Ainsel is a brilliant British brand that specialises in bold pigment. Check out their capsule lipstick collection or sign up for their cool Colour Surprise subscription service.

Mai Couture Foundation Paper Papier, £15.50 for 50 sheets – BUY!

Such a great little piece of kit – talc-free blotting papers that also refresh your foundation base, available in 3 shades. The perfect foil for mid-afternoon shine, anywhere.

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm, £9 – BUY!

I love the vintage style tin and am even more obsessed by the peppermint tingle. Dab on temples to help relieve headaches and tension.

3. hands & nails

Merci Handy Love & Hand Cleansing Gel, £2.90 – BUY!

Anti-bac is a desk drawer staple but Merci Handy have the best, no contest. Cute, colourful, softening and great smelling. My fave is the light, floral Flower Power.

It’s Skin Cookie & Hand Cream, £9.25 – BUY!

Forget sugary treats, this hand cream should help stave off cravings! Packaged like an ice-cream tub and with a sweet (although not cloying) fragrance, it’s a pot of joy.

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit, £34.99 – BUY!

I’m obsessed by this genius little kit – a dinky LED lamp + 3-in-1 polish = 15 minute gel manicures powered by your laptop.

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