the best haircare for sensitive scalps

Yes, I’ll admit it – I suffer from a rebellious scalp. The type that takes one look at a gorgeous all-singing, all-dancing luxury shampoo before spontaneously combusting into a snow drift. Which, with hair as dark as mine (natural ‘highlights’ aside, ahem), is pretty soul destroying. I’m always the loser at the hairdressers stage-whispering ‘the sensitive shampoo please’ – which is inevitably (given I can’t see what they’re doing) ignored, leaving me with a beautiful new ‘do’…. and dusty shoulders.

Those of you who – like me – suffer from irritated scalp issues, will understand the futility of experimentation. A whole category of beauty products sits seemingly beyond reach as ultimately all ventured roads lead back to Head & Shoulders…or a trip to the doctors.

And so, after YEARS of searching and extended periods of time dedicated to medicated shampoos… I’ve FINALLY found my dream team

Over time it’s become my personal beauty quest: scent, packaging, shelf appeal and effectiveness – these are all things that matter to me. Yes, I want my scalp to be happy, my hair to look good, but by dang if I don’t want to enjoy the actual experience of washing it too.

And so, after YEARS of searching and extended periods of time dedicated to medicated shampoos (Capasal being the most effective), I’ve FINALLY found my dream team. The haircare products that address my sensitive and quite frankly (*unglamorous over-share klaxon) flaky scalp issues without compromising on indulgence. These work. But even better? They look & smell GREAT.

the 3 haircare products every sensitive scalp needs

1. Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Shampoo, £24.98 – BUY!

Just DREAMY. A truly scalp soothing, anti-inflammatory shampoo that feels as luxurious as it’s price tag. Foams beautifully, smells delicious and is 100% vegan/cruelty free to boot. Not to mention the packaging – L.O.V.E.


2. Julien Farel Vitamin Restore Treatment, £26.88 – BUY!

A strange product to get your head around (pun intended), this formula is designed to be used twice a week, on its own, in place of your usual shampoo and conditioner. It is utilises skincare technology to keep the scalp healthy and leaves hair unbelievably soft & shiny.

3. Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner, £20.50 – BUY!

This antidote relieves itching and helps prevent the build up of dead skin cells. Applied via the nozzle directly to the scalp through damp, freshly washed hair it’s a great reviver when all else is failing.

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