confessions of a party monster mum

Party Monster Mum!
Party Monster Mum!

It’s 4 days before my daughter’s The Wizard of Oz 5th birthday party. I haven’t gone to bed before 1am all week and am subsisting purely on wine and white stuff (icing sugar). Tonight, I’ll be painting an Emerald City scenic backdrop whilst baking rainbow cupcakes and mixing a party playlist to include Defying Gravity (not an old 90s Prodigy track, though it sounds like it should be).

Missing: one pair of ruby slippers oh, and my mind.
Lost: one pair of ruby slippers… oh, and my mind.

Last night, I iced some ruby slipper vanilla biscuits and made personalised party bag labels marked ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. I’ve restrained myself from baking rainbow bread, but only just.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing battle with The Cake: my bi-annual, overly ambitious bake-fest that sees me trying to replicate the beasts that professional bakers make and put on Pinterest.

Why? I hear you cry…

I want to say ‘It’s for the kids’, I do, but that wouldn’t be strictly true. I mean, yes, I love seeing their little faces light up, but mostly, it’s an opportunity to indulge my favourite hobbies (what working mum has time for them otherwise?). So, twice a year (and Halloween) you’ll find me taking a break from writing books and I’ll be all over the party baking like Beyonce guest-vocaling on that Naughty Boy track.

It’s not a problem – we could totally stop partying anytime!

Luckily, my mum friends know me well enough to not think I’m an insufferable show-off. Besides, they can party too: I’ll clock the crazed eyes at the school gate, wipe icing sugar off their clothes off maternally whilst gently guiding them towards their children who they haven’t noticed coming out of class because they’ve suddenly fallen asleep standing up. Or been too glued to their party Pinterest board to notice their teachers have let their little lovelies go.

It’s not a problem – we could totally stop partying anytime! We will stop. One day. We’ll have to – not because we’re too old – but because our kids are. Until then, you’ll find me making crazy cake shapes and banging out iced biscuits on a loop in order to make sweet memories that will last me – and them – a lifetime.

Think my girl might've inherited the Party Monster gene.
Party Monster Mum – the next generation?

3 tips to avoid party parental breakdown

1. Don’t do everything the day before: start early so you can enjoy the preps.

2. Ask for help – no mum is a (party) island

3. Know when to stop

(Still working on this one. The rainbow yeast is calling…)

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