how to do Ibiza in your 30s (and 40s)

How to do Ibiza

These days, the trend du jour for 40th birthdays seems to be ‘Go large or get old’. Last month a group of us went to Ibiza for my brother-in-law’s 40th. For three days. Without kids. In other words: ‘Large’.

Prior to the trip, anxiety set in. Having never been to the White island in my 20s, I couldn’t fathom how to do it in my (almost) 40s. Could I swap my 10pm peppermint tea habit for goldfish bowls of cocktails like on Ibiza: Uncovered? What does one wear to a super-club anyway? As these concerns crossed my mind I realised I’d taken residency (and not in a David Guetta kinda way) in the ‘Get Old’ camp. I was determined to get on board, big time. My first hurdle? My wardrobe. Luckily I had Ashling as my style advisor (read her blog on Ibiza style here).

Luckily, the trip had been perfectly planned to best accommodate our advancing years: I discovered there are advantages to being old on this island – you get to do it in style… and not a goldfish bowl in sight!

Ali & Ben in Ibiza Selfie

3 tips to doing Ibiza the grown-up way

stay in luxury: We stayed in Can Pere Jaume, a traditional but trendy 8 bedroom luxury villa in San Jose, 15 minutes from Ibiza old town and far away from the San Antonio of my nightmares. Our theory: if you’re a premium age you need premium accommodation.

Ibiza Villa


chill out in style: Ibiza for a bunch of busy parents in our 30s/40s was about relaxing. On our first night we hired Patrice, a private chef who cooked an amazing paella for us (and washed up!) Food and wine was ordered in advance from so no schlepping to the supermarket. We spent a day drinking champagne at  Nassau Beach Club in Playa d’en Bossa (Ibiza’s equivalent to Miami’s South Beach) – a real luxury beach experience.

Moet Ibiza

go for gold: For the ultimate golden sunset experience, we booked a VIP table next to the DJ booth at Café del Mar. The bar now has an elevated tiered structure on the promenade where you can have dinner in luxury, listening to chill out tunes while you watch the classic Ibiza sunset. Our chosen superclub was Glitterbox at Ibiza’s most iconic club, Space (sadly closing its doors this year) We got drunk, got covered in gold glitter, stayed up till dawn and talked about making it an annual trip. What mid-life crisis?!

Ali in gold

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