how to throw the perfect kids Halloween party

Our creepy Halloween castle

I first became obsessed with Halloween when I was six months pregnant with Barnaby. It was early October and we were on our babymoon in LA (oh, how life has changed) Everywhere we looked were Martha Stewart-esque autumnal wreaths, perfectly carved pumpkins and shops filled with adorable kids costumes. As I picked up a baby pumpkin outfit I had an emotional epiphany: I would throw a Halloween party so I too could dress my first born child up as a big orange vegetable!

Our first party consisted of a few toddlers, a handful of decorations and some cute and creepy cupcakes. Fast forward seven years and as the kids have grown, so too have our parties.

my 3 top tips for throwing a fang-tastic bash 

1. Share the scare

Whilst we host the party, I always ask for help (it is tm’s philosophy after all!) Our guests each bring a dish so the table overflows with pinterest-worthy scary snacks without me turning into a party monster and leaving to focus on decorating the house and entertaining 30+ kids.

terror-ific tip: A centrepiece – like this papier maché creepy castle my sis made – will set off your party table a treat

Castle centrepiece

2. Feel the fear…

With little guests, the only blood-curdling screams coming from the party should be ones of delight. Play fun rather than scary party games – like crafting their own trick or treat bags or doing a spooky treasure hunt around the garden.

3 boxes, some paint and a bowl of conkers = perfect Halloween party game

The kids love Punch-a-Pumpkin trick or treat
The kids love Punch-a-Pumpkin trick or treat

terror-ific tip: to make Punch a Pumpkin Trick or Treat (see above), I painted a big pumpkin on to a cardboard box, attached thirty cups filled with tricks or treats, then covered them with circles of tissue paper held with an elastic band. Twenty cups had sweets inside. I’d set green jelly overnight in the other ten and added a ‘trick’ like a plastic severed finger, spider or bat. Each child could punch one cup and either got sweets or a jelly covered trick.

3. Plan (and make) ahead

No, I don’t mean a severed one (though that would make a great centrepiece). We now make our games/decorations at least two weeks in advance (I’m a regular in Hobbycraft at this time of year).  I may aim for a Pinterest-worthy party, but I’m not willing to spend a fortune – or have sleepless nights – over it.

terror-ific tip: paint a big tree branch black and hang over the party table for an easy,  free decoration with a big impact!


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