Jo Loves launches new fragrance innovation

By dang, that genius woman Jo Malone has done it again. This September under her luxury British fragrance brand Jo Loves, she launches her first ever fragrance ‘paintbrush’. Yup, you heard right – scent ingeniously housed within a BRUSH.

Three years in the making, this is truly an industry innovation and the ultimate in on-the-go perfume application. It’s fragrance, but not as you know it. Forget clunky bottles, the Jo Loves A Fragrance Paintbrush is a sleek, compact, travel-friendly tube containing a gel suspension that dispenses via an integrated brush.

“Your body is the canvas, you are the artist, now paint with fragrance” – Jo Malone

Sound like a gimmick? Possibly. But this woman is known for her fragrance prowess – and what’s not to love about targeted, waste-free application? God knows how much money I have thrown down the drain via clumsy breakages or by misfiring my atomiser (mostly back at my face).

Jo Loves A Fragrance Paintbrush Gel will be available in 4 scents – Pomelo, White Rose & Lemon Leaves, Green Orange & Coriander and Red Truffle 21 

Plus she’s not alone. Scent artisans Byredo have just launched a fragrance brush – although this one is a little more eclectic. Inspired by traditional Japanese stage-makeup application, the Byredo Kabuki Perfume features a slick retractable brush that dispenses a micro-fine scented powder for dusting across the body. Kind of like the world’s most refined talcum powder.


Byredo Kabuki Perfume, £42 is available in a trio of fragrances – Gypsy Water, Blanche, and Bal D’Afrique

So what do I think of this latest kooky beauty trend. Well…I’m loving it. Do I NEED it? Not necessarily. But do I WANT it? Yes. Practical, cool, sophisticated – this innovation brings a little of the art of fragrance to the user. There’s something wonderfully opulent about painting your body in scent, something liberating about the sheer simplicity. I’m first in line Jo.

3 tips for using a fragrance brush

1. Apply as you would a liquid perfume to the pulse points – wrists, throat, inside the elbow. The heat of your body will do the rest.

2. Reapply! The beauty of this olfactory innovation is that you can simply throw your brush in your bag. So, for those who (like me) find their fragrance wears off quickly, it’s just a case of additional brush strokes when needed.

3. Accordingly to fragrance legend Roja Dove, it’s best not to apply onto freshly washed skin – wait half an hour for the pH of your skin to settle.



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