why kefir is the UK’s hottest new health drink

Touted as a rising health trend a year or so ago, kefir (pronounced ‘kuh-feer’) is officially having it’s moment here in the UK. Pop into any Planet Organic and you’ll find row upon row of kefir-based drinks to suit your taste. But it’s not just reserved for health nuts – now mainstream supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are starting to get in on the act too. Kefir and I made acquaintance courtesy of a partnership with Rhythm drinks at our #fashionbeautybooks event with Olivia Rubin back in July – and I was immediately hooked. So what IS kefir – and what is the hype all about? An ancient, live cultured, fermented beverage popular across Russia & Eastern Europe, kefir is commonly made with dairy milk but can be also be made with coconut milk, rice milk, goats milk – or even water. The fermentation of kefir ‘grains’ (actually a mixture of lactic acid, bacteria and yeasts) within any of these liquids results in a slightly effervescent, slightly sour probiotic beverage. It’s a unique taste that takes some adjusting to, but is by no means unpleasant. So why drink it? Aside from physically warming my tummy from the inside (a sensation I absolutely love), ultimately kefir is super good for your gut. The original bio-live drink, it’s naturally packed with billions of gut-friendly bacteria and is high in protein, calcium & essential vitamins (including B2 & B12) – improving metabolism and boosting immunity whilst also reducing tiredness. Exactly what I – *we all* – need as the autumn months approach. The only question remains: which way to take it?

3 ways to drink kefir daily

1. sparkling fruit infusion

Crookednose Kefir Zing Sparkling Bilberry, £2.99 for 330ml – BUY!

This sparkling fruit water kefir is super low calorie and provides two servings per bottle, making it less than 9 calories per glass. Definitely more refreshing than the milk-based drinks and best served chilled.

2. probiotic shot

Rhythm Life Shot 50, £49.95 for 5 x 100ml bottles – BUY!

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A medium fermentation made from young coconut milk, this little glass bottle contains high-potency, lactose-free kefir with a minimum of 50 billion live bacteria cultures. The perfect choice for those who want all the kefir benefits in just one quick hit.

3. milk smoothie

Bio-tiful Kefir Honey & Mint Smoothie, £1.60 for 250ml – BUY!

Based on fermented milk, this smoothie is delicious. Very yoghurty in consistency with a smooth, soft texture this makes the ultimate morning breakfast accompaniment.

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