meet your new desktop beauty must-have

Ever been caught short with bare, scraggy nails? As a beauty PR it was always my fear. Like a good slick of lippy, a polished manicure is dazzle camouflage – giving the aura of put-togetherness (whilst hiding the caffeine-fuelled wreck within…)

So imagine: a desktop gel manicure, on call anytime, powered by your laptop, applied by you and finished within 15 MINUTES. Sound too good to be true? Then let me introduce you to the coolest little beauty gadget you’ve ever seen – Le Mini Macaron’s Gel Manicure Kit.

This foolproof kit consists of a dinky travel LED lamp (ingeniously shaped like a macaron) and an innovative 3-in-1 gel polish formula. Literally plug into your laptop (there is a mains option too), prep nails, apply one thin coat of the all-in-one polish – no top or base coat required – then set under the LED macaron for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other hand – et voila! Instantly dry, high-shine nails.

Compact, easy to use and available in 7 colours, Le Mini Macaron’s Gel Manicure Kit is also bank balance friendly at just £34.99. This truly is the ultimate in desk drawer beauty kit – it’s safe to say it’s going to be a permanent fixture in mine!

Shop them at now and on from August.

3 tips to ‘nail’ the perfect desktop gel manicure

Having trialled the kit, here are my insider tips on getting the most out of your mini macaron:

1. Be mani ready. Although the removal pockets in the kit are cute and easy to use, removal of gel is hard going especially when trying to tackle the nails on your writing hand. I advise a cheap and cheerful trip to your local nail bar when it’s time for the polish to come off – my local charges £7 for a full removal service, well worth the investment.

2. Although the instructions say to complete one finger at a time, save precious seconds by applying the first coat of varnish to the next nail whilst the second coat of the previous nail is curing. By the time you’ve applied the gel polish, the lamp will be done. It’s possible to master a genuine 10 minute manicure using this method.

3. Practise makes perfect. My first effort was, to be frank, embarrassing – down solely to a rushed trial window. Choose a calm, no-pressure moment the first time you use Le Mini Macaron and you’ll find that when you really need that last minute desk-top mani, things will go more smoothly!

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