microblading on trial

When I was offered an appointment with eyebrow guru Suman Brows London to trial microblading, I jumped at the chance. Firstly, her work is truly outstanding (check out her Instagram). Secondly, I have always been desperate for perfect brows. Being brunette, mine are a dominant feature yet my hairs grow sparsely and to a very long length. Shaping them is a nightmare, filling them even more so.

Robyn’s eyebrows makeup-free before & after her microblading

So did it work? As my before & after shots demonstrate, I say the improvement is staggering. And liberating. I no longer have to pencil in my brows and the upkeep is minimum. Yes, microblading is expensive (£500 with Suman herself, eek) – and not an entirely pleasant process – but I would do it again in a jiffy because I look pulled together now, even when I’m not. Want to know more? Read on…

what is microblading?

In Suman’s own words, microblading is ‘eyebrow embroidery’. Inking 3D hair strokes into the skin within the brow line to achieve an entirely natural looking, semi-permanent eyebrow.

what is the difference between microblading vs. semi-permanent tattooing?

Microblading is performed with non-motorised micro-needles and doesn’t go as deeply into the dermal layer of the skin as tattooing. Whilst results with tattooing tend to be heavy and flat, microblading achieves a graduated look much more in keeping with natural brow growth patterns.

what process is involved?

After an in depth consultation, brows are threaded before being numbed using a topical anaesthetic. Suman then sets to work with her brow ruler, balancing brow symmetry and mapping out the improved brow shape before matching up the dye colour. Once agreed, Suman begins feathering the dye into the skin using razor strokes, before applying a blanket tint for 5/10 minutes.  This is then removed and a protective sealant applied to brows. The entire process is then repeated 8 weeks later during a ‘top up’ appointment that completes the treatment.

are the effects immediate?

No. Brows must be left untouched for 24 hours after each of the sessions and then rinsed only with warm water for a week to allow the dye to take and skin to heal. It took my brows around 10 days to ‘soften down’ after treatment.

how long does microblading last?

It depends on the individual but usually between 12-18 months. I’m so excited – a year of low-maintenance brow heaven!

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