mother of a mini-melt: preparing the nursery

Well, big time PHEW. The Upton nursery has finally been transformed from ‘shut-the-door-quick’ dumping room of doom to a blissful cocoon of baby heavenliness. If I’m honest, I’d started to wonder if we’d ever get it together. It seemed such a challenge to tackle, especially with the last few house move boxes to unpack (aren’t they just the worst?) bump to heave around and toddler to distract. Not forgetting new furniture to order and surplus stuff to move to the loft…

Baby Upton's little palace
Baby Upton’s little palace

The saving graces were:
a) that the decorating had been done in advance of our house move – white and pale grey accented by grey/silver stars
b) my mum and sister came to stay for the night to keep Miss IG occupied during furniture assembly hell with the hubby.

It’s funny, but the thing I found hardest to process was that my little girl was no longer my little baby.

It could have been the hormones but moving the nursing chair from Miss IG’s room to the new nursery had me in floods.

But now it’s done, I finally feel prepared. As we wait for our fourth and final family member to arrive I’m coming to terms with the birth and changes ahead – and I finally have the head space to spend some time getting excited! 1 week to go and counting…

My 3 favourite nursery finds

1.Hibou Home Stars wallpaper
Potentially the world’s most expensive wallpaper (ok not really but it made me gulp a bit!). I opted for a feature wall rather than papering the whole space; a clever way of getting the effect without the crazy price tag!

Star Wallpaper 2
Hibou Home Star Wallpaper

2. Barker & Stonehouse 3-Door Wardrobe & Matching Side Table
My biggest tip with nursery furniture is to buy normal size rather than kids size pieces, all within one matching collection. Aside from the irritating dimensions of miniature wardrobes, it’s the only way to make certain that you won’t be having to reinvest in a new set of furniture the minute your child is out of their cot.

Nursery Wardrobe
Barker & Stonehouse 3-door wardrobe

3. GLTC Cloud Rug
If you’ve never heard of this site – Great Little Trading Company – get involved. It’s a soft furnishings mecca. And now not just online, the flagship store has just opened in my neighbourhood – bonus!

Cloud Rug
GLTC Clouds rug
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