the LATEST makeup product you’ll never regret buying


Ever found the prospect of picking out a new foundation daunting? So many choices to be made – brand, finish, format… before even considering the multitude of shades.

Well listen up ladies, I’ve got news. BIY – or ‘blend it yourself’ – is THE new foundation thing. Forget base makeup as you know it, pigment drops are the transformative base formulation we ALL need in our makeup arsenal – and the brilliant bods at Clinique have just launched the latest.

What are pigment drops? These clever little concentrated liquid drops are essentially the ultimate in DIY makeup customisation: mix with your skincare or existing foundation to adjust the shade or increase coverage.

The new Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops, £22.50 allow you to choose your own finish and coverage intensity by working in tandem with your favourite moisturiser. This product really cuts through the crazy brain-fuddling multitude of choice AND works for all skin types. Plus they are stupidly easy to use; simply add 1 drop to your moisturiser for sheer, 2 drops for medium and 3 drops for full coverage, blend and apply. No fuss.

But the seriously clever bit? Clinique BIY takes on the finish of the cream or lotion you blend it with, so expect a more matte finish with a mattifying moisturiser or a more dewy, radiant finish if your moisturiser contains optical diffusers. Cool, huh?

To me the concept of pigment drops is genius and I love the Clinique formula. Using BIY my skin feels so fresh yet the buildable coverage means I can still even out my imperfect skin tone. I may have just found my ultimate base.

3 top tips for using pigment drops like a pro

1. Blend on a flat surface as trying to juggle product while mixing on your hand can get a bit messy. Anything will do but if you want the proper kit, order in one of these mini handheld palettes.

2. Allow formula a few seconds to settle onto skin once mixed. It might feel strange to start with as a face cream you rub into skin and a foundation you want to cover skin – whilst with this you’re effectively doing both. Allowing the product to rest for a little before buffing and blending will assist with absorption & dry down.

3. Apply product with fingers but blend with a brush to get the best finish. A foundation brush such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Complexion Brush (the one I use religiously and love) will distribute formula and build coverage in the areas most needed.

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