the online store relaunch every new mum should know about

We love the gorgeous selection of hand-picked products available at The Nurturing Mums Store.

We love supporting new businesses, especially when they’re the brainchild of lovely, like-minded women who are using motherhood to redirect and redefine their careers whilst giving support to hundreds of new mums too. Lucinda Hutton, the brains behind Nurturing Mums is one such woman. Having founded the venture to help new mothers connect and seek advice in a sociable, supportive environment, Nurturing Mums now runs over 50 five week-long, expert-led postnatal courses in London each year on everything from sleep to weaning, first aid to baby development. Their online shop, The Nurturing Mums Store, has also just been relaunched with a vast array of beautifully curated mum and baby merchandise – and they’ve given us a special 15% discount until 13th September when you use the code TRIPLEMELT15! It’s definitely going to be my first-stop shop for some brand new baby bits!

3 questions for… Lucinda Hutton, founder of

1) what inspired you to start nurturing mums?

When I had my baby I was surprised how little there was out there post-natally.  I thought there must be a practical, non-judgemental way of getting this support to new mums.  I never intended to run my own business, but my son’s ill health when he was born meant I wasn’t destined to return to the corporate world full time.

2) what’s been the hardest thing you’ve found about running your own business…

Believing in yourself. Business is cyclical and it’s hard to keep the faith that you’re making the right decisions when you’re on a low… but the highs ARE always just around the corner.

3) ….and the most rewarding?

Without a doubt it’s meeting the women that come on our courses. There’s such a shift in our lives when we become mothers; meeting people at those cross roads – and reassuring them it WILL be ok – is the best part of my job. I’ve also been lucky to connect with some wonderful women in business, many of whom have become friends. Becky aka @ladybakewellpark, Frankie from @doingitforthekids_ and Clio from @andbreathepostnatal are always around virtually, or for a cheeky glass of wine in real life!

3 mum, baby and nursery products I want to buy right now

No Rest For The With Kid XL pouch, £20 – BUY!

Ingrid Petrie Wall Designs in A4 – Sun. Moon and Rainbow, from £15 – BUY!

Bloom & Blossom anti stretch mark cream, £24 – BUY! 

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