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A prolifically successful writer of women’s fiction, Paige Toon has released a new novel every summer for the last ten years. In fact, her books have become as big a part of British summertime as Pimms and picnics and I honestly think  The Last Piece of Our Heart is her best yet.

The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon, £5.99 – BUY!

Fans of Paige’s will know that her cast of characters often guest-appear in her other novels before starring in their own. This time, it’s the turn of travel writer Bridget (last seen in 13 Weddings) who has ambitions to turn her successful – if controversial – relationship blog into a book. Instead, she unexpectedly ends up tasked with a complex commission; to ghostwrite the sequel of a bestselling book whose author tragically died before completion, whilst sensitively navigating the author’s grieving husband and family. Escapist, emotional and endlessly addictive (I defy you to read it in more than 3 sittings) Paige deals with the sensitive subjects of love and loss with an ease that makes you believe in the characters way beyond the pages of the book. And her vividly described settings of Cornwall and Thailand will bring summer to your doorstep… even if the British weather has other ideas. Seriously, if you only take one book to the beach this summer, make it this one.

Paige Toon’s 3 ultimate beach reads

I asked Paige the 3 books she’d take to a desert island…

  1. Watermelon by Marian Keyes

Watermelon by Marian Keyes, £8.99 – BUY!

“Marian’s been my writing heroine for over twenty years now – no one does hilarious and heartbreaking quite like her. When I read Rachel’s Holiday and came across a mention of Claire from Watermelon, I loved it so much that years later I was inspired to do cameos for my own characters.”

2. The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, £6.49 – BUY!

“I first got into young adult fantasy after the birth of my son  – I was steering clear of women’s fiction as I was trying to write the same genre myself. What I found was a thrilling and limitless world of tortured, lovelorn protagonists being kept apart by forces outside the realms of reality. Clockwork Angel is the first in the prequel trilogy to the Mortal Instruments series.”

3. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe, Someday by Colleen Hoover, £8.99 – BUY!

This is the first book by this author that I ever read. She writes incredible forbidden love stories with descriptions that stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

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