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Checks and balances frothy face wash £18.50, Gloomaway body-buffing cleanser £22, Modern friction nature's dermabrasion £23, Drink up intensive overnight mask to quench skin's thirst £23
L-R Cheeks and balances frothy face wash £18.50, Gloomaway body-buffing cleanser £22, Modern friction nature’s gentle dermabrasion £23, Drink up intensive overnight mask £23

I’ve always treated my skin like I treat my house: everything looks neat on the surface but underneath it’s a mess. So, whilst the make-up is always on, often my skin isn’t moisturised – er, or always cleansed. Toning? Forget it. Until recently I used cleansing wipes, a terrible time-saving habit I’d fallen into after having babies. I’ve since switched to a frothing cleanser and feel better about my face – and my carbon footprint.

It’s easy to blame being a mum for my laissez-fair attitude, but even pre-kids I didn’t splash out on skincare. Maybe I’m a soap and water girl because my mum always swore by Redken soap (and at 71, still has amazing skin). Maybe it’s because when I started out in journalism as a beauty assistant, I experimented with expensive skincare products: at best, I couldn’t see a difference, at worst they gave me my first ever break-out (I wasn’t a beauty journalist for very long!).

Whilst I’ll happily spend £££ on luxe make-up, my skin mostly gets a basic moisturiser thrown into the supermarket trolley like Nivea soft moisturising cream. I just don’t like splashing out on expensive products when I won’t see any difference – I’d rather buy a pair of shoes.

But the brand I do buy when I want to give my skin some love is Origins. I love the brand’s natural ethos, its revitalisingly natural fruit and leaf extracts, the simple-but-chic packaging. But most of all I like that it’s a treat that isn’t break-the-bank expensive. I have a small collection of favourite products I treat myself to every few months. Here’s my top three:

Never a Dull Moment
This is my pore-panic polisher: made with natural papaya extract, it’s fresh, fruity and visibly revitalises my skin making it glow and look youthful…ish (it’s a face polish, not a magic wand).

Gloomaway body-buffing cleanser
This grapefruit body cleanser smells like summer on my skin and works wonders on the problem patches on my elbows, top of my feet and knees.

Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask
I hate thick masks and creams, but this gently soaks into the skin overnight and makes my skin feel completely rehydrated and look plumper. It’s a great sleep cheat too.

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