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screen-shot-2016-08-19-at-17-57-55Pre-kids, fitness and I were flirts rather than fully committed partners. I ran 5k twice a week and was an unenthusiastic member of a gym. During pregnancy I dabbled in yoga and pilates, but found all that lying on the floor a bit… dull. I guess I’d just never found my perfect match.

Post-birth I had a total amnesty, unable to comprehend a good reason why’d I’d choose going to the gym over being away from my baby. It took me about 5 years – and another baby – to realise that it’s because you go slowly mad otherwise.

Since then, exercise has become a lifelong commitment: I run, do Pilates (these days, I welcome any opportunity to lie down!) and – mid-life meltdown alert! – I’ve returned to an old love: ballet. But still I crave an adrenaline fuelled fitness experience to get out of my head and shake off the weekly stresses of juggling work/kids/house.

I was on holiday in America when I discovered The One. The Zumba teacher at our hotel thrust a pair of luminous green sticks at me and asked if I’d ever tried POUND®. It was, she said, a Cardio jam workout created by two female drummers from LA who – when they had to drum without a stool at a practice – discovered the cardio, conditioning, body sculpting and strengthening benefits of holding a position while pounding a beat.

Channeling my inner Phil Collins
Channeling my inner Phil Collins

Using the specialised green drumsticks called Ripstix®, the complete body workout burns 900 calories per class and involves beating out rhythms on the floor and in the air to rock music whilst working through a series of moves borrowed from aerobics and Pilates.

“I crave an adrenaline fuelled fitness experience to get out of my head and shake off the weekly stresses of juggling work/kids/house.”

As I pounded in time to the pumping music, I was completely unaware of the clock, calories or counting reps. For 45 minutes I was lost in the rhythm, huge grin on my face as I literally beat the hell out of the floor  – and my stress levels. Doing the workout was fun, freeing fitness therapy and I’d recommend it to anyone.


3 ways you can try POUND® today!

  1. Visit for details of classes in the UK
  2. Order some Ripstix® from the website above & subscribe to their youtube channel 
  3. Get some wooden spoons, blast out some Pink and hit the crap out of your kitchen floor!
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