how to throw a party tea that’s pinterest perfect

When it comes to kids parties I’m a self-confessed party monster. Each year I promise I’m going to go smaller, but never do. After 8 years of parenting, I’ve sussed how throw a cracking party, without cracking up.  I love a beautiful table full of tasty homemade treats, but I’ve learned you can be clever with how much you actually do yourself. Here’s 3 painless, pinterest-worthy par-tea tricks I’ve learned:

1. do…make the cake the centrepiece

Got RSI from piping a 6-tiered beast for your birthday beauty? (or 6 tiered beauty for your birthday beast) Then PUT IT ON THE PARTY TABLE! The kids will love seeing the cake they’re going to stuff their faces with later and it’ll save money on a separate centrepiece. Tip: don’t leave it ’til the night before to make it. I bake my sponges a week in advance, freeze them and then ice the day before. Last minute cake breakdown – averted!

….but don’t feel you have to make it yourself

Unless you love baking/have designs on Mary Berry’s old job/can make it without losing it then just BUY it. Your kids won’t care it’s not made by you – and nor will their guests.

savoury can still look sweet

2.  do…. try a new party tea trick

You don’t have to be Delia to throw a pretty party tea. There are lots of no-bake treats you can try – check out the brilliant book No Bake Baking by Sharon Hearne Smith for fab ideas.  For my daughter’s magical Unicorn party I made these savoury rainbow treats by adding four different food colour gels to Philadephia spread and putting it on rice cakes and in the sandwiches. Minimum effort showstopper!

…but don’t be afraid to roll out the old faithfuls

I love making iced biscuits and serve them at every party. They’re fun and effective, plus the kids (and pinterest!) love them.


Claudi & Fin lollies – proving shop-bought can still be chic

3. don’t be afraid to ask for help…

There’s no shame in shop-bought: party rings and iced gems are your friendly table-fillers! Get family members and friends to contribute their own offerings too if they can: my sister-in-law always brings lovely chocolate covered strawberries for our parties.

…but do keep it pretty

Shop-bought doesn’t have to mean ugly or unhealthy. We served these mini Claudi & Fin yoghurt lollies that look cute and taste delicious: the kids loved them, and I loved the fact that all I had to do was open the freezer and serve!


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