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American ballerina Misty Copeland is the new face of Estée Lauder Modern Muse

Unconventional and mesmerising, Misty Copeland has a body of steel. At 5’1″, black, with serious muscle definition and boobs, it’s safe to say she’s not your stereotypical ballerina.

As the first ever African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, Misty is a prodigy. Raised by a single mother alongside her 5 siblings, she was dancing en pointe within 3 months of taking her first dance class at thirteen and performing professionally a year later – a feat unheard of for any classical dancer. Advised as a young ballerina that she didn’t have the right body for the profession, Copeland fiercely resolved to disprove such presumption.

“I was told that I wasn’t good enough and that I couldn’t succeed, but I willed myself to where I am now. I think that’s a message that resonates with all women. Success isn’t handed to us: we earn it.” – Misty Copeland

In addition to her dancing accolades, Misty is author of NYT bestselling memoir, Life in Motion and has recently been appointed an Estée Lauder spokesmodel. As such, she’s the new face of their Modern Muse fragrance and the first ballerina EVER to partner with the brand.

I wrote about another dancer, Maddie Ziegler, for tm icons this time last year because it’s a medium of expression that never fails to move me. Misty maintains that ‘ballerinas are athletes too’ and with such strength and talent, who could disagree?

3 dance adverts that will leave you breathless

1. Under Armour – featuring Misty Copeland

Misty’s commercial for Under Armour’s ‘I will what I want’ series in 2014 went viral, garnering over 9M+ views to date. Empowering and beautiful, this ad is a showcase for grit, determination, belief and willpower. @MistyOnPointe


2. AXA UK – featuring Taylor Haines

This advert made me cry. Poignant and honest it’s a stark portrayal of human resilience. Promoting AXA’s investment in research projects – including prosthetics technology – it features Taylor, a young dancer from Anchorage, Alaska with a lower leg amputation. Both her story and her skill are utterly captivating. @taylor_haines


3. Kenzo World fragrance – featuring Margaret Qualley

You’ve got to have been hiding under a rock not to have seen this ad BUT wow, what a piece of production. It mind boggles me every time (all those mirrors – where are the camera guys?!). It’s no surprise that it’s directed by Spike Jonze and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the man behind ‘Chandelier’. LOVE. @margaretqualley

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